What are the benefits of dormant tree services?

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can help you learn more.

Can trees be trimmed in the winter?

Yes, you can trim your trees in the winter! In fact, there are a variety of reasons why trimming your trees in the winter is beneficial.

  • Cuts during the winter season are less likely to attract disease-carrying insects and other problems like bacteria and fungi.
  • Less stress is caused on the tree during the winter which allows for better growth in the spring.
  • Sap producing trees, such as maple, walnut, or birch trees, are less likely to ‘bleed’ when the trees are trimmed in the winter.

Why do ISA certified arborists prefer to trim trees in the winter?

When the leaves have fallen from the trees, it’s easier for the arborist to see the structure of the tree and evaluate the health of the tree. Problematic areas are easier to point out and make tree trimming during the trees dormant season, an ideal time to trim.

Additionally, plants, lawns, and landscaping are less likely to get damaged. Access to the trees can actually be easier for an arborist when they don’t need to worry about trampling on other plants during the growing season. And when larger branches need to be lowered to the ground, there’s less damage to your lawn in the winter months.

Is it important to know the health of your trees?

Checking the health of your trees is very important. In fact, the University of Minnesota’s garden extension recommends checking your trees twice a year. Trees that aren’t checked are more likely to fall or break apart. This can cause damage to your property, power lines, or even worse, personal injuries.

While it may be true that not all tree problems are easily detected, there are many other structural defects that an ISA certified arborist can easily point out. This is especially true during the winter months when the tree’s structure is easier to see!

Why do you need to get your trees trimmed?

Regular tree trimming and health inspections promote the health and future growth of your trees. Is also:

  • Allows more sunlight for the tree and the plants and grass below.
  • Keeps your property safe by removing dead and diseased branches that could potentially fall.
  • Encourages stronger trees that are more likely to withstand natural elements during the seasons.

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